What Do You Stress About While Traveling?

Traveling is a stressful situation for many people. When traveling, one enters a state of uncertainty, and lack of control. Lack of control over the schedule, and of course… luggage.

It’s hard enough to say bye to the precious container that holds your valuables, the only thing familiar thing to you in a foreign place – but the thought of other people handling it “with care” or worst of all… losing it is unbearable.

A study by Colombia University which mentioned in the¬†L.A. Times¬†states that the #1 stress factor for business travelers is “lost or delayed luggage”. We are confident that many “non-business” travelers share this sentiment as well.

During our beta we received very interesting feedback from our testers which made us understand how real the stress was. Many of them said that the feature they appreciated most in tag-a-bag was the lost & found, and the ability to know exactly where the bag was found, and by whom, instantly. We listened and prioritized this functionality while keeping it simple so that it’s accessible to literally, everyone.

As you may know, most luggage isn’t “lost” for good, but misplaced, but the overall numbers are so big that roughly 800,000 suitcases never reach their owners (and then they’re sold in auctions by the airlines (who said loss can’t be capitalized). We strongly believe that people are good at their core, and if it’s easy enough they will report they found a suitcase. NFC technology helped making it easy enough to report, so if an airport staff member or good samaritan comes across an orphaned suitcase, they will do the right thing.

So don’t let stress rule you when you travel, simply tag-a-bag :)…


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