The First Social Lost & Found

Today we introduce the first social lost & found! Our mobile application is now able to connect to a user’s social network (facebook, twitter, linkedin) and leverage it to circulate a lost bag’s profile, including a picture and description of your bag. What this means, is that with literally a push of a button, one is able to ask their social networks for help in retrieving the bag, making it the first social lost & found out there. The idea behind this is straightforward: increase the chances of finding a bag, by increasing the number of people looking for it. Simple and effective.

We are aware of the importance people give their bags and valuables, and the lengths that people are willing to go to retrieve them. For this reason we are constantly thinking of ways to increase the likelihood of that happening.

Make sure your eyes are not the only pair looking for your valuables; increase your chances of finding your lost bags with tag-a-bag. the first social lost and found.


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