tag-a-bag, best giveaway

The Branded Experience with Tag-a-bag

Tag-a-bag complete Branded Experience

Tag-a-bag is a luggage tag that redefines lost and found; Due to high demand we received from different companies asking to for  branded tags and placing their own logo on the tag, we decided to go further and use our robust technology to create a complete branded experience and not just a branded product.

This allows companies to customize not only the tag, but the postcard, our app welcome page, a custom email and even a lead generation tool so that it can be given away in custom promotional gifts, added in as an extra for buying your product or simply a standalone product that your business offers.

tag-a-bag, best giveaway
Branded promotional item

The Branded Experience

First and foremost, we allow for a complete branding experience of tag-a-bag. You will be able to add your branding to:

  • A postcard that comes with the tag: This is typically where the customization stops for most promotional products- by placing your logo onto one aspect of the item.
  • The front side of the tag itself: We will work with you to add your design to the front of our baggage tag to further promote your brand.
  • The first instruction screen before users even downloads the app.
  • A complete screen within the application at the end of the activation wizard, here you can customize the text and image, as well as an option to allow people to opt in to receive additional information from your brand.
  • Thank you Email: Once the user has activated his or her first bag, we can send a customized email to the user, again emphasizing your brand.
  • In addition, the instruction page branding as well as the page at the end of the activation wizard, can be changed in real time and therefore used for different events.

Custom Promotional Luggage Tags

Once we have completed the design for your tag, the welcome page, and your email, it takes approximately 4 weeks to have your custom package completed. We can often expedite the production if needed so that your own custom tag-a-bag is ready for your consumers or clients when you need it most.

Not sure how tag-a-bag can be neatly integrated into your business? Work with us to learn straight from the designers exactly what you can use tag-a-bag for and how to implement our product into your business. We help you find the best use for tag-a-bag so that your company gains exposure and stays in the mind of all users.

Logging right into our dashboard can also measure the promotional effect of tag-a-bag. This enables you to see how many of your tag-a-bags have been activated and just how far your reach has expanded as a result. With our branded experience, your company will gain exposure and have a means of communication with anyone that has opted-in to your newsletter.

Custom Promotional Gifts with Tag-a-bag

If you have any questions about our customization process, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We are always happy to discuss the options for your business, and we can help you create a custom promotional gift for your next event!


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