tag-a-bag: The Smartest Lost & Found!

It’s with great pride that we update you with our latest advancement in the science of lost & found: Your bags just got 71 languages smarter!!

It’s no secret that our mission is to help people find their bags if they ever get lost. We constantly try to figure out ways to increase these chances. The key (of course) is with whoever finds your bag.

This is why we spent long hours coming up with the simplest and most intuitive system, not only for people who own bags, but also people who find them. We didn’t rest at simple though… we wanted it to be smart!

We’re happy to announce that from now, anyone who finds your bag will receive the message you left for them, translated to their language! It all happens automatically: when our system recognizes that the message’s language is different than the finder’s language preference, we will allow the finder to translate it. All this without an application installed!

Currently we support ~70 languages which is an amazing number, and here is a screenshot that shows what a finder sees (again, no app needs to be installed on his/her phone) when he finds a bag that’s secured with tag-a-bag:

We are constantly improving our service and welcome any ideas you may have, so feel free to comment, or contact us directly at info@tag-a-bag.com.


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