tag-a-bag just got better!

We are super excited to announce the new version of our app. It’s the most important overhaul we made so far, with a bunch of new features, and here’s just a few of them:

  • completely redesigned screen once you scan your bag
    • you will immediately receive the picture of your bag, to help verify it is yours. It is clickable as well, serving as a great shortcut to your bags profile.
    • Your bag is now your assistant and once you scan it it will show you the relevant information it holds (TripIt itinerary, Social integration and more coming up).
  • Over all flatter and clearer interface
  • Redesigned lists: much easier to read, with end-to-end design.
We are working hard on bringing more to you, the next on our list is empowering your bags with even more contextual information to help you when you’re on the go, a dedicated iOS version of tag-a-bag based on a built in QR reader and much more…
So stay tuned for even more goodies!
Team tag-a-bag.


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