Smart bags can help you travel smarter

tag-a-bag is about making bags smarter and interacting with them via NFC. Think about it, it’s cool to tap something and have it do something for you. The most popular feature is the lost & found, and we’re constantly introducing more, it’s actually the only lost & found that keeps improving. Take our TripIt integration as an example:

Did you know that if you tap your tag-a-bag tag nowadays you can have it pull the relevant portions of your trip? Instead of lugging around reservations, opening apps to find the reference numbers (or even worse… paper!), all you need to do is tap your bag, which is there anyway, and have it help you.

Due to the fact that tag-a-bag make suitcases and bags smart objects which know where you are when you interact with them, pulling relevant information to what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, is a breeze.

Another cool feature is the social integration, your bag can let people you care about know that you arrived somewhere, or departed simply by tapping it.

Of course, there are many other features and we are constantly looking for ideas to make bags even smarter, so it would really help out if you let us know what you’d like your bags to do, in order to make your travels that much easier.

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