NFC and Apple’s iPhone 6

Will the new iPhone arrive with NFC?

Many people have asked this question in the last few years, and every time, until now, Apple decided not to include NFC.

When we started tag-a-bag, we were truly fascinated by NFC (and still are) , or as we call it: “touch technology”. The ease of a touch is both  magical and ridiculously simple, which opens the door to a vast number of applications that can simplify our day-to-day tasks.

In our business plan, we estimated that in 2 years time, Apple will support NFC. Today, 3 years later, Apple still doesn’t support NFC.

Our thought behind this estimation was that Apple couldn’t ignore the mobile payment market. It is clearer now than ever that phones will eventually replace “plastic” as a payment method. When we looked at the market, we predicted that 3 major things should happen for Apple to be ready to offer a complete payment system.

1. A simple “phone-to-person” authentication procedure – they came up with touch ID.

2. Point of Sales support – This is a bit out of their control, but they needed POS to support NFC. Today, most if not all new POS systems support NFC by default.

3. Peoples acceptance of NFC technology – This one is hard to measure. However, we think that the fact that one of the iPhone’s best selling accessory is a cover with a credit card holder, hints that people are ready to unite their phone with payments utilizing NFC to do so.

Image Source: Mustafa Dagdelen


Despite it being a year later than we predicted, we believe that this time around, come September 9th, Apple will introduce their new payment system, which will be NFC based.

This article by wired magazine, claims that there are good chances it will happen with iPhone 6. It’s all rumors and speculations, but this time around it seems like more facts were checked compared to previously.

If this is true, and Apple allows developers to access the NFC, it will usher in the era of NFC and open up a new world of possibilities! We at tag-a-bag are very excited about this prospect as we are part of that world.


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