Near Field Communications (NFC) and relationships with our things

We believe that in the very near future, people will start to interact more with physical objects. There are a few technologies that can able this vision, for now, we are counting on NFC.

Now, you might have heard about NFC in the context of mobile payments i.e. Google wallet, Isis and many other initiatives. It’s pretty awesome thinking about this, just imagine that all of your transactions, receipts, credit cards and cash are on your phone in a secure way!

The only issue is that point of sales (POS) need to support which will take a while, and quite a bit of market education. This is why we thought of something more immediate, that doesn’t require an Ecosystem to be in place.

We thought of our relationships with our personal belongings. Let’s face it, we like our things, we relate to them, especially if it’s luggage, music instruments, valuables, bikes… you name it. And we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to interact with them? By the use of NFC we can!

We started with bags because they tend to contain other important stuff, and we needed to start with something. This is how tag-a-bag was born. tag-a-bag literally turns your bag into a smart object with some cool features. One of the most popular features is our patent pending lost and found platform, which is simply the best in the world. It dramatically increases the chances of locating a lost bag. Other cool features are social integration, the ability to present you with your itinerary (we are connected to Tripit), based on where you are, and more.

The beauty is the simplicity – NFC technology is also known as “touch technology” which literally means that if you “touch” or tap the tag with a smartphone and the magic happens. We want people to interact with their bags when they’re on the go – that’s why we intend to introduce other really cool features to the application.


Feel free to comment and suggest other items you might want to interact with.


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