Lost & Found Season Is Here

Traveling season is upon us! We’re getting close to the holidays, this also means that “lost & found season” is here.

We thought it will be handy to gather some “best practice” tips to help avoiding this unpleasant experience.

Disclaimer, some of these tips are more relevant to certain types of bags than others so we will leave it up to you to reach those conclusions.

  1. Some sort of ID (name, phone, etc.) on the bag. We however, strongly recommend not revealing too much information due to privacy issues. It has been known that luggage handlers at times teamed up with gangs and robbed homes that were known to be vacant while the family was on vacation.
  2. Don’t put your profession/position (such as business cards) as this indicates wealth.
  3. Put a copy of your itinerary in the luggage. If the luggage has no identification and was misplaced, the airport staff will open it and seek identifying information. Your itinerary provides in addition to where your bag is supposed to be.
  4. Try to put as many valuable items in the bag that’s with you at all times.
  5. Make sure the staff checking in your luggage put the right final destination, and that you received a ticket for each piece you checked in.
  6. Don’t go over board with the luggage you buy. High end and excessively branded bags or fashion brands are more likely to get stolen.
  7. Take a picture of your bag and send it to yourself via email. This might be handy for insurance purposes.

Tag-a-bag is another layer of protection. It is an advanced mobile lost & found platform that in addition to it’s features it also takes care of many of the tips listed above, in a friendly, innovative and easy way.

  • It protects your identity, while allowing you to dynamically share more information with finder when needed. This means that you can remotely change the information someone sees when scanning the tag via our application (in real time!).
  • Take a picture of your bag and add it to the bag’s profile in our application.
  • Our technology makes it easy for someone to send your bag’s current location when they find it.
  • Activating a tag and/or changing information is ridiculously simple

Losing your bags is quite a pain. While you travel, make sure that you are concentrated on your valuables as it’s extremely easy to lose sight of them. However, if you do – take the steps listed above to maximize the chances of finding your luggage.


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