Generation Touch (GenT) and tag-a-bag

Sometimes we think that what we are used to, is ubiquitous, for instance, that a mouse & keyboard are the standard interfaces with computers and such. However, we whitness different types of UI (user interfaces) constantly such as removing the physical buttons, google glasses, and NFC (near field communication).

In a very recommended article written by Josh Elman, a partner in Greylock Partners, he discusses the shifts in the way we (or more precisely, younger generations) interact with the products they use, he even calls them “Generation Touch, or GenT:

“Touch is fundamentally important here. Generation T understands and anticipates gestures at a level beyond that which people who grew up with a mouse and keyboard expect. It’s apparent when you realize that the most popular and addictive apps that this generation uses have novel ways of using touch to create deeper connections.”

This paragraphs captures our belief regarding where the world is going… Interacting with objects, products and even people on a certain level by a “touch” or “tap”.

The bottom line is making bags smarter by using NFC (or “Touch Technology” as we call it) and interacting with them via a tap may seem odd at first, but it’s an addictive interaction which simply makes sense due to it’s convenience and immediacy.


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