Say goodbye to branded products

Introducing a Branded Experience!

Tag-a-bag defines a completely new kind of promotional items. tag-a-bag is smart and unique and ensures your brand is seen and remembered through multiple brand placements.

Not only are the smart tags and postcards fully customizable, we allow real time modifications of the app’s welcome page, custom emails and lead generation tool (meaning it can change from event to event). On top of all this, we allow brands to view the actual tag activation rate via out dashboard.

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Our bag tags are the only tradeshow giveaway that comes with a dashboard where you can measure its effectiveness.



Our tags are a unique and practical giveaway everyone appreciates and remembers.



Our lost and found platform is simply the most effective and simple lost and found platform to date. In fact, we even won an award for it!

The Perfect Giveaway

Unique, practical, memorable










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Maximize your Exposure

We provide immersive brand placements throughout the entire user experience. This includes the welcome screen, a customized email and even a dedicated screen inside the app! Oh, and of course, the tags are branded with your design, not just a logo placement


Welcome page


Customized Email


Your very own screen in the app

Lead Generation

Extend your reach with our optional in-app lead generation feature


The checkbox appears at the end of the registration process. When a user decides to join the mailing list of a company he/she received the tag from, an email is automatically sent to the company with the user’s contact details

What Our Customers Say

  • tag-a-bag smart tags created a lot of buzz, and people truly appreciated getting something so relevant and useful. Besides the coolness factor of the product, it allowed us to collect emails and leads.

    Jeff Hartman, CEO, EnRoute

  • A few months ago we have launched “connect”, our interactive NFC/QR-Code enabled billboards. The tags are a cool, useful and a perfectly matching give-away, demonstrating straightforward the benefit and functioning of our innovative product in a playful way.

    Oliver Schoenfeld, Marketing Director, Clear Channel

  • We used Tag-a-bag on several different occasions, people love the idea of an NFC tag they really appreciate it and they come back for more. Handing out the tags was great, we plan to do so in future events.

    Alon Maimoni, CMO, FortyCloud

  • I wanted something other than yoyo’s and pens as a give-away to customers. Then I noticed tag-a-bag. Their smart tags are something you don’t see every day! They are useful so people really do appreciate them, the technology’s smart and easy to use, plus you can customize the tag’s design so they really stand out.

    Christopher Arlaud, VP Marketing at Xena networks

  • SAi
  • Xena Networks
  • FortyCloud
  • DSNR
  • Amdocs
  • Swisscom


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