Questions about tag-a-bag's lost & found

How does lost & found work?

With any lost & found there’s an owner and a finder. When a finder finds a bag, all he/she needs to do is scan the tag either with an NFC enabled phone or any QR reader. Once scanned, the finder reads a message from the owner and sends the bag’s exact location along with contact information with nothing more than a push of a button. The finder doesn’t need any app installed on the phone to do so, and the owner can modify the message the finder sees through the app at any given moment. The owner instantly receives an email with the bag’s location and the finder’s contact details if provided. We kept the user experience for the owner and the finder as simple and easy as possible. This substantially increases the chances of reporting a lost item. You can watch this lost & found overview video for more information.

What is the NFC chip?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Near Field Communications is a wireless protocol that works at close proximity (in our case the smartphone and the tag). 9 out of the 10 largest phone manufacturers include NFC in their phones, (iPhone does not yet). We call this “Touch Technology” because you literally touch the tag with your phone and something happens! It’s quite magical, and the application doesn’t even have to be open. This allows bag owners and finders to interact with the tag by simply tapping their phone on the smart-tag.

What if the user doesn’t have NFC?

No worries! We have a QR reader built into our mobile application so anyone with a smartphone can use it. This is why we have an iPhone app as well.

I don't get it. Is this a luggage tag or an app?

It’s a lost & found solution that includes a smart-tag for your bag/luggage, and a mobile application.

Is this a tracking device?

No, tag-a-bag is lost & found, reinvented. It doesn’t “track” your bags 24/7. When someone finds your bag, you will receive an instant notification including the exact location of the bag, as well as the finder’s contact details.

Does the app do more than lost & found?

Tag-a-bag does more than just help you find a lost bag. Once a user activates the tags, we create an online profile for that bag which makes it smarter. For example the app allows saving an image of the bag (in case it’s needed for insurance properties). The App can connect to one or more of the user’s social networks and post when the user interacts with the bag. For example, if you just landed in Newark Airport and touched your tag with the phone, it will alert you that this is your bag, and will allow you to share this event. We can also connect to services such as Tripit and retrieve relevant information when you need it.

Why is this better than just your usual name card on your luggage?

It offers so much more. First off, the ability to modify the message and information you leave for finders in real time. This is key to secure your privacy. Second, the ease and hassle-free process through which we enable finders to report back to owners maximizes the efficiency of the solution and the chances the finder will do the right thing to report back (without needing to call a number, or emailing, or entering a 12 digit code to a web page, it literally takes no more than a click).

But will everybody be able to use this?

We have free native iOS & Android apps which cover over ~90% of smartphone owners. We even developed a web-app for all the other operating systems so everyone would be able to enjoy tag-a-bag.

What about privacy?

Tag-a-bag provides the highest level of security to users. As opposed to other luggage tags, the user controls which information to expose through the mobile application at any given time. We call this “sharing the right amount of information, at the right time”. For example, if a user has the bag there’s no reason to expose information such as home address, email, phone numbers etc. (there have been reported cases where thieves abused this and robbed homes while knowing peoples addresses AND that they were away). However, at the misfortunate event of losing a bag, people are willing to share their contact information and even offer rewards to maximize the chances of reuniting with their valuables. This is why our dynamic messaging system is so effective and secure.

Can someone know anything about me by scanning or abusing the smart-tag?

Absolutely not! If anyone gets a hold of your tag he/she will not be able to do anything with it, or know anything about you. Your privacy is of upmost importance to us, and no personal information is stored on the smart-tag.

How accurate is this service?

Very accurate! Our advanced backend leverages all of the finder’s phone capabilities to pinpoint the exact location of the user’s bag. This includes GPS, WiFi, cell tower triangulation and more. It’s so accurate, that the bag’s location is available even if it was found indoors. We even provide the user with the accuracy of the location in the notification received when the bag is found.

What do finders need to do?

We kept it simple so finders won’t leave the task of reporting a lost bag to the next person. All a finder needs to do is scan the tag by either using NFC or QR. He will see a message from the bag owner and will be able to reply with a single click. The finder doesn’t even need the app installed, that’s how simple it is. In addition, if we detect the language of the message is different the finders local language, we automatically translate the message to their language!

Questions about tag-a-bag as a promotional item

Remind me, why this is such a great promotional item?

Tag-a-bag makes for a great giveaway because it is unique and useful. Unique in abilities and functionality it offers companies, along with the value it gives to people. First of all, it’s a great standalone product which maximizes the chances of finding your bags if you ever had the misfortune to lose them. Second, you can check our online shop where people from around the world order our tags. It’s very relevant to your target audience, being business people who often travel, especially to trade shows and events. It’s an incredible product and offers companies tools like lead generation. It’s fully customizable, and provides a branded experience and not just simple logo placement… In other words, tag-a-bag makes sure YOU are remembered. It’s a great promotional item because it’s useful, relevant, unique, compact, a lead generation tool and measurable.

What is a “branded experience”?

A branded experience is more than just placing your company’s logo on the smart tags, it’s making sure that people remember you through multiple brand placements and mentions. This of course includes a fully customizable smart tag & postcard design, but it also includes placements of your texts and images inside our application (yes you heard right, we can make it so people see your message after they complete their registration). This makes your company the first and last thing they remember when they register and activate the universal lost & found. In addition we allow you to send a customized email to users who registered to tag-a-bag, which is an excellent point to deliver your message again.

What can we customize in terms of design?

We provide a branded experience which offers much more than a logo placement. The front side of the tag is fully customizable, you can design it as you wish, or have us help with the design, we’d be happy to – on the house! The front side of the postcard is also yours. In addition, we allow you to send an email to users who register – the email’s design & text is also fully customizable. We even allow you to customize an image and a short text in one of the screens in our app! You can always contact us for specific design guidelines.

How is the product packaged?

We kept it clean, light and compact. Each smart-tag is attached to a postcard offering a brief explanation about the solution and how to register to it. It also arrives with a silicon loop to connect the smart-tag to the users bag. Each set is individually wrapped.

What does your Lead Generation tool do exactly?

This is an optional feature we offer. After a user successfully registers to our service and “activates” his/her first bag there is a screen where he/she can opt-in to receiving information from your company, or joining your newsletter.

Do you provide any explanations so that we don’t need to explain what tag-a-bag does to our customers?

Absolutely! One side of the postcard on which the smart-tag is attached, provides explanations about the lost & found as well as how to register & activate the tag.

Why would this create a “buzz” as you call it?

Companies we work with say that tag-a-bag is so unique and useful that people absolutely love it! In addition to generating a lot of interest, the branded experience makes sure that you’re remembered. You can read what some of our customers testimonials here.

What do you mean by a "measurable promotional item"?

One of the optional smart features we offer companies is the ability to know exactly how many tags were activated at any given moment by logging into our dashboard.

This is all so different than what I’m used to, how do I learn more?

First thing to do is contact us, we will also be happy to send you a sample so that you could experience tag-a-bag first hand. It’s the best way to demonstrate the simplicity and elegance of tag-a-bag.

How is this different than other “promotional item” bag tags?

All of the above :), and it’s the only smart-tag designed for companies, made for users.

What’s your lead-time?

Lead-time is up to 4 weeks from the moment the graphics are approved. It usually take 2-3, and in certain cases we can expedite production depending on volume, urgency and availability.

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