Don’t do this when you’re traveling!

Luggage and bag tags are something most people put on their suitcases while traveling. However, people neglect the privacy and security issues involved.

Writing a name, isn’t enough in case the bag is lost right? OK then, let’s add the address and number, just incase… This is what so many people do, but did they ever stop to think about it?

If you were told to expose information about yourself while you’re traveling and no one’s at home would you? Doubtfully, and rightfully so. There have been reported cases of baggage handlers working together with gangs to inform them about people that left their homes and were traveling. It’s the perfect sting, the gangs know the homes are empty, the risk is minimal, so it’s a “win win”.

This is why experts advise not to divulge information on your tags, the downside however is that if it actually is lost, you have no way of releasing the information (after an item is lost your willingness to provide more information rises). This is why today’s bag tags are obsolete, this is what we saw as a major pain point and that is why we allow users to dynamically control the information on their tag-a-bags.

The ability to control the information people see, provides increased security and privacy, as well as gives the ability to be more creative with the information one provides. Offering rewards is a great example for information you wouldn’t put on a different bag-tag, which could do wonders in maximizing the chances of retrieving lost luggage.

If you have any ideas as to useful information you would put in case of a lost bag, please feel to share with us.


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