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Generation Touch (GenT) and tag-a-bag

Sometimes we think that what we are used to, is ubiquitous, for instance, that a mouse & keyboard are the standard interfaces with computers and such. However, we whitness different types of UI (user interfaces) constantly such as removing...


Smart bags can help you travel smarter

tag-a-bag is about making bags smarter and interacting with them via NFC. Think about it, it’s cool to tap something and have it do something for you. The most popular feature is the lost & found, and we’re constantly...


Startup Bootcamp – a great accelerator

This post is dedicated to a great influencer for NFC’s awareness: StartupBootcamp. Startup Bootcamp invests resources in promoting startups from different verticals, one of which is close to heart: NFC related technologies. They host many interesting and insightful reads about...


tag-a-bag rides & supports GSMA’s mHealth Grand Tour

tag-a-bag is happy to share our support for the GSMA’s wonderful initiative: the mHealth Grand Tour.  We… well, our tags, will be riding along side the cyclists during their race from Brussels to Barcelona. It won’t be easy, but it’s a very...


Don’t do this when you’re traveling!

Luggage and bag tags are something most people put on their suitcases while traveling. However, people neglect the privacy and security issues involved. Writing a name, isn’t enough in case the bag is lost right? OK then, let’s add...


What Do You Stress About While Traveling?

Traveling is a stressful situation for many people. When traveling, one enters a state of uncertainty, and lack of control. Lack of control over the schedule, and of course… luggage. It’s hard enough to say bye to the precious...


Phones with NFC capability

This should be useful for many of you wondering if their phones support NFC (near field communications). Of course, this list is ever growing and new phones today (generally speaking) should include NFC with them. Here is a list...


Near Field Communications in iPhones?

NFC technology has been around for a while, years actually, however it’s only starting to penetrate mass use in the last couple of years. Most smartphones already include it by default – Samsung, Nokia, RIM and many others. However,...


Near Field Communications (NFC) and relationships with our things

We believe that in the very near future, people will start to interact more with physical objects. There are a few technologies that can able this vision, for now, we are counting on NFC. Now, you might have heard...

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