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The Branded Experience with Tag-a-bag

Tag-a-bag complete Branded Experience Tag-a-bag is a luggage tag that redefines lost and found; Due to high demand we received from different companies asking to for  branded tags and placing their own logo on the tag, we decided to go...


Lost & Found Season Is Here

Traveling season is upon us! We’re getting close to the holidays, this also means that “lost & found season” is here. We thought it will be handy to gather some “best practice” tips to help avoiding this unpleasant experience....


iPhone and NFC – a love and hate story

The good news – As we, and many others predicted and anticipated, the new iPhone 6 has an NFC chip inside! The less good news – The NFC comes with no API access for 3rd party developers. What does it...


The First Social Lost & Found

tag-a-bag reinvented lost & found by supercharging an old concept with modern day technologies such as mobile, NFC, cloud and geo-location. It is a platform that keeps improving as does the technology behind it. In essence we continuously increase...


NFC and Apple’s iPhone 6

Will the new iPhone arrive with NFC? Many people have asked this question in the last few years, and every time, until now, Apple decided not to include NFC. When we started tag-a-bag, we were truly fascinated by NFC (and...


tag-a-bag Featured in BackPacker’s Post Review!

The BackPacker’s Post recently featured our bag tags in a review, and we are excited to be reviewed by this travel-friendly online newspaper! tag-a-bag is an innovative system that utilizes a bag tag attached to your luggage and travel items. You...


A New Kind of Personalized Luggage Tag

  Those of you who have lost a bag while traveling understand that sinking feeling you get in your stomach thinking that your personal items are gone forever. Yet with tag-a-bag you’ll never have to worry about losing a bag again....


tag-a-bag and the Internet of Things

When we started our company we had one goal in mind – making physical objects smarter. There are many ways to go about it and in most cases people want all objects to be connected all the time, which is...


tag-a-bag just got better!

We are super excited to announce the new version of our app. It’s the most important overhaul we made so far, with a bunch of new features, and here’s just a few of them: completely redesigned screen once you scan...


tag-a-bag: The Smartest Lost & Found!

It’s with great pride that we update you with our latest advancement in the science of lost & found: Your bags just got 71 languages smarter!! It’s no secret that our mission is to help people find their bags if...

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