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Have you ever thought about why you write your private information on your bag tag? How about why you write your home address when you are away from home?

Well, you shouldn’t! tag-a-bag allow you to securely share the right information at the right time. If your bag is with you, don’t share private information. If you did lose your bag, share information you believe will increase the chances of finding your bag, such as your phone number, email or a reward. It is all controlled from our free mobile App.




Activating a tag takes less than a minute! Reporting a lost bag is even easier. The finder doesn’t need an app or to enter a location or dial an international number. Finders simply touch or scan the tag with their phone, and report back to you, with only one click, the exact location of the bag even if it’s in-doors.

It just works

As our premium tags are equipped with NFC chips and QR codes, they don’t require batteries and they always work.

The chip uses the finder’s phone’s energy to send the required data to you. We use the phone’s built in GPS and cellular network to capture bag’s exact location and send the information to the bag owner.



Introducing: bag profiles

Many people take a picture of their bags and send it to themselves via email, for insurance and security reasons. tag-a-bag’s App introduced bag profiles allowing users to easily take a picture of the bag and adding it. This and other information is conveniently accessed at any time via the App.


If a bag is lost, the app allows users to automatically share the bag information, picture and a custom message with their social networks. Reaching out to your friends and family and notifying them that you lost your bag, increases the chances of retrieving  your bag! Lets face it, it’s a cool feature.



Lost & found, reimagined

Have you ever thought why lost & found hasn’t changed for such a long time?

Nowadays we all carry a small super computer: our smartphones. We managed to supercharge lost & found by leveraging this fact as well as mobile and cloud technologies. We brought an old yet proven concept to the 21st century.

An Award Winning App

Free, for life.


Manage your bags through the dashboard


Each bag receives a full unique profile


Receive information and share with your social networks


Report a loss and customise a message to the finder in real-time


Bag “finders” effortlessly report back to bag “owners”. They don’t even need the app installed


“Owners” instantly receive the bag’s exact location

We won the 2012 Innovation Award for our use of technologies in a lost & found system. The way we see it – lost & found didn’t change since… well, a long time, so it was about time to do something.

By using NFC, QR, Cloud and mobile technologies, we designed a product that is meant for people on-the-go. Let’s face it, you’re most likely to lose something when your out and about. Thanks to the tag-a-bag mobile app, no matter where you are, your lost & found is right there with you. Our tags communicate with smart phones resulting in a very effective solution which leverages todays technologies to revolutionize a well known concept.

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Installing tag-a-bag

Installing tag-a-bag is simple and fun! Once you receive a tag-a-bag’s bag tag, you simply need to tap it with your smartphone (if it has NFC capabilities), or scan it with a QR reader, and we will guide you through the rest of the process.

The Wizard

Adding a bag to tag-a-bag’s lost & found service and registering as a user is super simple and quick! A very friendly wizard will guide you through the process.

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Secure your bags when you're on-the-go

tag-a-bag premium


Our award winning tag is durable and perfect for people on-the-go. Each tag is embedded with a NFC chip and comes with a connecting loop. Buying a tag grants lifetime access to our lost & found service; No subscription fees or hidden charges.

DIY tag-a-bag


Try our service for free with this DIY tag that you can print on your own. It will grant you access to our lost & found service for life!


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