A New Kind of Personalized Luggage Tag


Those of you who have lost a bag while traveling understand that sinking feeling you get in your stomach thinking that your personal items are gone forever. Yet with tag-a-bag you’ll never have to worry about losing a bag again. Simply placing a personalized tag on your baggage and downloading the tag-a-bag app on your smartphone can give you peace of mind next time you travel.

How it Works

Tag-a-bag is incredibly easy to use. You simply place a personalized tag onto your luggage and download the app. If your bag is ever lost or misplaced you can go onto the app and set your bag as lost. There is a code on the back of the tag so when someone finds your bag they can scan the code and let you know where your bag is. They can also see a finder message with whatever information you’d like, including the ability to offer a reward to whoever finds and returns you bag, or contact information so they can return your lost luggage.

No personal information is in the tab that is attached to your bag, it is all saved on our secure servers. So that you never have to worry about someone finding your lost baggage. Our secure servers allow you to have an anonymous and safe connection between the bag owner and the finder. We also recommend that you “touch” your bag as you travel so that you know that last place that you had it. It will also help if you put this information on your social networking accounts so that people can help keep an eye out.

Getting a Bag Tag

The only purchase you ever have to make is for the tag itself, the app is free, and there are no monthly subscriptions. If you would like to know more about our product and how it can make travel less stressful, please contact us today!


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